3D Powerform V

15,000 Pelvic Floor Kegels in 30 Minutes

3D Aesthetics Powerform V

Pelvic Floor Toning

We are delighted to introduce this ground-breaking technology. Using High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic forces, the Powerfom V offers a non-invasive solution to urge incontinence, The HIFEM technology provides accelerated muscle stimulation which strengthens and tones the pelvic floor. Neuromuscular links between the brain and bladder are improved, which significantly aids the symptoms of urge incontinence.

What are The statistics?

Many people stay quiet on this upsetting topic – yet no-one should be embarrassed as it is surprisingly common. While many people only discuss this issue with a Doctor, it is estimated that between 3 and 6 million people in the UK suffer from this condition. For these, the following strategies are often the only ones available:

  • 40% use pads or protective pants
  • 16% limit fluid intake
  • 15% modify their wardrobe to limit accidents

Urge incontinence can often mean limiting activities such as taking part in regular exercise or active play with their their children. This non-invasive solution can significantly improve symptoms in 6-8 30 minute sessions.

Benefits of Powerform V

  • Equivalent to 15.00o kegels in 30 minutes
  • Non-invasive- you remain clothed and seated throughout your treatment
  • No downtime
  • Effective results

We are a Dorset based clinic based in Wareham. serving Wareham and surrounding areas including Poole, Bournemouth, Blandford, Bevington, Wool, Dorchester and Swanage.

Powerform V Treatment Pricing

Package PricesPrice
Single Session, (4-8 sessions recommended)£85
Block of 6£510
Block of 8£650
Block of 10£800


The treatment is completely pain free but can feel a little uncomfortable at times. During the treatment, you may feel muscles contracting continuously.

You will experience a gradual tightening and toning of the area throughout your course and a reduction in your symptoms

Some slight abdominal discomfort may occur but there are no significant side effects or risks associated with this treatment.

This treatment is suitable for many over the age of 18. Contraindications include pacemakers or similar, active cancer, immunosuppression, clients with metal plates or screws in the the treatment area, clients taking steroids, diabetes and epilepsy. A full medical consultation form will be sent to you before your booking is confirmed.

Treatment Effects