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Little Shop of Calm Ethos

At The Little Shop of Calm, I believe in treating the whole person, and my massages are as much about helping you find your precious ease in a busy world as treating any issues that you may have.

I am Sam, and I have created all the treatments that you see on the menu over a a four year journey of working with and listening to my lovely clients. Prior to opening my Little Shop, I worked as a teacher and senior leader in education for 15 years and, among other roles, supported staff and students to help alleviate stress, overcome anxiety and to prioritise their wellbeing. These experiences are at the very heart of everything that takes place here: you will be listened to, given an opportunity to press pause and receive 100% of my attention while your body, mind and spirit enjoy a little window of respite and recovery.

Such is the usefulness of and demand for these services in the town of Wareham (and beyond!), we have been able to become a team of two. I have been fortunate enough to have the services of Mandy, who is now our Lead Therapist. Mandy is 15 years qualified as a holistic therapist, is a fully qualified aromatherapist and reflexologist. Her skills are diverse and her approach is completely in keeping with the way way do things here, with kindness and attention to detail being at the heart of all things at all times.

In the treatment room you will find  traditional methods and modern discoveries carefully blended to create your perfect treatment. Whilst all massages are individually tailored, kindness, care and attention to the small things are the golden threads that are woven through everything.

I serve a wonderfully diverse range of clients: many in great need of a restorative experience, others needing help to manage pain stemming from lifestyle or minor injuries, those who simply know the benefits that regular massage brings and yet others who understand that everyone deserves a little bit of luxury! I hope you find something on the menu to meet your needs, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Warmest wishes, Sam x

Massage and Facial Menu

Esse Luxury Back & Scalp Massage, 45 mins

45 minutes focus on your back using our signature Esse mandarin and coconut cream. Hot stones are used to relieve tension. A luxury back scrub refines the surface of your skin and moisture is replenished with the application of a rich body butter. Finally, an indulgent scalp massage completes your relaxation – perfect to help relieve tension headaches

Esse Luxury Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage, 45 mins

This back massage interweaves Thai Compressions and Swedish Massage with hot stones, using premium Esse creams, scrubs and butter to give your back an easeful treatment that will last long after you have left our treatment room.

Esse Luxury Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage + Facial, 60mins

Deeper levels of relaxation and release of tension can be achieved with this extended massage. Massage cream, body scrub and body butter all help to refine and replenish the skin with pre- and probiotics and active plant botanicals. Hot stones help to relax muscles further. This treatment is completed with a mini Esse facial, while the muscles of your back settle against the warmth of the couch.

Esse Luxury Neck, Back, Shoulder Massage + Facial, 75 mins

This complete upper body treatment is an indulgent experience: no area is neglected. Hot stones add an extra dimension of relaxation. Your extended facial includes a cleanse and exfoliation followed by a tension releasing routine that incorporates massage, facial reflexology and a cooling kansa wand ritual.

Thai Herbal Compress Back Massage, 45 Mins

Using steamed parcels of Thai herbs, the Thai Herbal Compress massage is unmatched when it comes to easing knots and working the harder to reach muscles of the back. The process is easeful and meditative as the compresses are rolled, kneaded, tapped and pressed over the whole of the back and into the neck. Very effective. Supremely grounding.

Thai Herbal Compress Back Massage + Facial, 70 Mins

This extended time with the Thai compresses is completed with a Thai Compress facial – a unique way of working the reflexology points and drawing out tension from tight facial muscles.

Seated Indian Head Massage, 45mins,

This traditional treatment takes place in a relaxed seated position. We start with a foot cleanse and leave a moisturising foot balm to soak into your feet while we begin your Indian head massage. Using a blend of invigorating and tension relieving techniques, the shoulders, neck, scalp and face all receive attention. This massage can be adapted to your needs on the day. Hot stones add an extra level of bliss. (To book on Fresha look in our ‘Thai and Ayurvedic Massage’ section.

Full Body Massage
  • 60mins £58
  • 75mins £70
  • 90mins £80

Our Full Body Massage is a top to toe indulgent massage using light aromatherapy blends. Softening, nourishing, aromatic ingredients are worked into the skin using a range of Swedish massage techniques blended Thai compressions, hands free massage and myofascial stretches, along with your choice of hot stones or warm bamboo, (cold stones also available on request). All our full body massages begin with a warming foot cleanse to ground and ease you into your massage.

This Massage starts at 60 minutes, but you can extend your massage up to 90 minutes and we can tailor this to give extra attention where needed.

Esse Experience Luxury Massages
  • 60mins £60
  • 75mins £75
  • 90 mins £85   

The Esse Experience Massages can be customised to your preferences with the careful selection of Esse skincare for the face and body. The textures and aromas bring a further dimension to your relaxation. These massages can also incorporate hot stones, cold stones or warm bamboo.

For the body, we can include body masks, scrubs and butters to enliven and nourish your skin. For the face we build the experience using a selection of cleansers, gentle exfoliators, botanical peels, eye creams, probiotic and anti aging serums, face masks, (including our new gel mask from the Esse balancing range) and moisturisers. These Experiences are offered to you through lovely flowing sequences that incorporate all our skills as well as the sensory experiences that the hand selected Esse range will bring.

Esse Pregnancy Massage
  • 60mins £60
  • 75mins £75
  • 90mins £85

If you are past your first trimester, then we can adapt our Esse Experience Massages for Mums to Be. As well being an exciting and wonderful time, pregnancy can also be a time when aches and pains might appear!  Pre-natal massage can also promote relaxation, aid restful sleep and provide time to bond with your precious new arrival! Your massage will be customised for you based on your consultation, using specially selected products from our luxury Esse range. If you are unable to receive a full body massage at this time, then you may want to explore our Facials or our Thai foot massage sections.

Esse Experience Facial Treatments

Our Esse Experience Facials are discerningly created to target your desired areas of need, whether that be to replenish your microbiome, resurface your skin or nourish a dry and lacklustre complexion.
Using the ground breaking Esse probiotic range, we use a selection of tailored products for your needs, from light botanical peels, nourishing masks and intensive serums.

The Little Shop of Calm Signature esse Rewilding Experience Facial
  • 75 mins £80
  • 90 mins £95

Our premium facial uses specialised techniques to relax the facial muscles, improve circulation, reduce puffiness and will leave you glowing. The prebiotics and live probiotics in our ampoule are a ground-breaking addition for those of you who want to rewild your skin, in readiness for introducing the Esse range into your lifestyle, or simply if you have a special event to attend and want to look your freshest, brightest best.

All our rewilding facials also include touch therapies of your choice.

Esse Experience Facials: Holistic or Rejuvenation Course

This customised facial is tailored at your appointment for your skin type and goals. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, a mask, (or two!) of choice and an infusion of serums, are all applied with care using a range of facial reflexology and massage techniques. We complete your facial with our rejuvenating Cryoglobes if requested,

Our Thai Compress Facial starts at 50 minutes at £50, and also includes use of the Esse range

  • 45mins £47
  • 60mins £60
  • 75mins £75
  • 90mins £85
Esse Holistic facial

Skin is cleansed and gently exfoliated using our Esse Cocoa Exfoliator, followed by our Microderm resurfacing exfoliator. Your freshly prepared skin is then treated to deeply relaxing massage to release facial tension and boost circulation. Probiotic goodness is added to your skin using Esse Sensitive Eye Cream. Esse Probiotic Serum and Esse Nourish Moisture Cream.

Esse Renew Skin Rejuvenation facial – Course of 8 Recommended

This facial uses our state of the art Sculpt Pro Radiofrequency treatment. Clinically proven to stimulate your natural collagen growth over time, this facial includes 30 minutes of radiofrequency which begins to stimulate collagen growth in the deeper layers of skin, resulting in improved appearance of jowls, fine lines and wrinkles, crepey neck and eye bags.

Combined with our Esse Microderm Exfoliator, Repair and Protect Oils, a single treatment will leave your complexion glowing. We complete this facial with our Cryoglobes to accelerate the healing process between sessions. For clinically proven skin tightening results, we recommend a course of 8 x 45 minute facials taken weekly. Your results then last for up to a whole year!

Thai herbal Compress Facial
  • 50mins £50
  • 75mins £75
  • 90mins £85

We are often unaware of how much tension we carry in our face, until we are invited to release it. These bijou herb parcels filled with steamed Thai herbs are the perfect medium to gently work restricted tissue and relax the muscles of the face. The neck and shoulders also receive some dedicated attention and in our 75 minute version, the hands or feet get some love too. Esse probiotic skincare also features here – a royal treat for your face, neck and shoulders.

Longer Esse Facials and Facials for Mums-to-Be

When you book a longer facial, 60, 75 or 90 minutes, it becomes possible to blend the different elements of our core Esse Facials to create your own Esse Experience, including additional hand and foot masks and massages or elements such as a hot stone neck relaxation ritual. Simply tell us in the notes on your booking form what you would like to achieve and we will weave in the appropriate ingredients. You can always contact us directly if you have questions.

All our facials can be adapted for mums-to-be as our couch is fully customisable for the safety and comfort of you and your precious new arrival All ingredients are checked for interactions at this very special time 🙂

Thai Table Stretch Massage
  • 60mins £58
  • 75mins £70

This massage takes place on a low couch and has its roots in Thai Floor Massage. You will remain clothed throughout this treatment. Often called Lazy Yoga, Sam will carefully take you through a series of supported compressions and stretches within your mobility range, thus helping to mobilise and realign the joints as well as stretch and lengthen the muscle. 

Thai Herbal Compress Massage
  • 60mins £60
  • 75mins £75
  • 90mins £90

The therapeutic effects of the stretches and compressions of traditional Thai massage are complemented here as we incorporate hot herbal compresses into your treatment. These steamed parcels of herbs and spices impart their medicinal properties into stiff joints and muscles. The heated compressed herbs are then used in a circular massage to further aid the removal of toxins and the support the process of detoxification. While your massage is supremely relaxing, you will feel, invigorated, cleansed and energised when you leave.

Thai Aroma Massage
  • 60mins £60
  • 75mins £70
  • 90mins £80

This massage has been specially adapted to incorporate luxurious Swedish Massage with Thai stretches. Warmed oils are worked into the muscles to help them soften and relax. Thai stretches are woven seamlessly through the treatment to mobilise the joints and to help to elongate tight muscles.

Thai Foot Massage
  • 45mins £47
  • 60mins £58
  • 75mins £70

A perfect way to treat an often neglected area. Recline on our heated couch and let your lower legs and feet be indulged with releasing presses, gentle stretches.  and invigorating releasing massage. This massage includes a foot scrub, foot mask and moisture cream.

Perfect Pairs
  • 60mins £60
  • 75mins £75

These massages use the same luxury range as the Esse Experience massages. Foot massages will include a mask and exfoliation; facials draw on the full Esse range of skincare to cleanse, prepare and quench tired, thirsty skin; detox masks, anti-cellulite masks and hand masks add any number of combinations to your bespoke treatment.

  • Back and Thai Foot Massage, (60 or 75 minutes)
  • Back and Back of Legs Massage, (60 minutes)
  • Back and Leg Massage including Thai stretches, (75 minutes)
  • Full lower leg and Thai foot massage, (75 minutes)

For a back massage that includes a facial, please see our ‘Back Massage’ section as facials are included as standard with our 60 and 75 minute back massages.

Welcome in spring with our two hour Esse, warm bamboo massage – £115

Our Esse probiotic range is the star of the show in Springtime, our new  hour special, inspired by the intentions of releasing some of that winter tension, replenishing the microbiome of the skin and encouraging us out of hibernation.

We start with a back of body, warm bamboo massage, smooth heated sticks that gently roll out and elongate those larger muscle groups

This is followed by our signature Esse Rewilding Facial- using gua sha rose quartz, cooling jade and tension easing bronze, we cleanse, exfoliate and  nourish your skin with specially selected Esse probiotic serums, masks and oils.

Finally you will be treated to  a Thai foot massage. This has increased in popularity lately as as it gently works the joints, energy lines and reflexology points in the lower legs and feet, is so much more than the sum of its parts!

PhysioPod: Deep Oscillation Therapy
  • 30mins £30
  • 45mins £47
  • 60mins £58
With Hot Stones or Warm Bamboo
  • 45mins £47
  • 60mins £58

Deep Oscillation Therapy is applied using the patented PhysioPod to any affected areas.

PhysioPod gently works all tissue down to 8 cm, softening the fascia, clearing out dead cells and improving circulation. This treatment can speed up recovery from injury by up to three times and can also prevent damage to soft tissue. It is a gentle treatment that can be used from one day post operative.

Some of our treatments