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Created by Sam, in Wareham, Dorset

skin tightening, body sculpting, muscle toning, fat freezing and pelvic floor health

non surgical, medical grade solutions

It was not a straightforward jump into offering non-surgical aesthetics. I have no beauty background and am at heart a holistic therapist. After encountering numerous clients, often affected physically as well as emotionally by stress, workload and being too busy to address these issues through lifestyle changes alone, I decided to see if there non invasive options that worked WITH our bodies, as opposed to sticking plaster approaches. – and there were. Many.

My aesthetic treatments involve no surgery, no needles and no chemicals. They harness the body’s own power to regenerate and eliminate tissue, accelerating these processes to deliver real results in skin tightening, fat elimination, muscle toning and body sculpting. Using groundbreaking technologies such as ultrasound, heating and cooling, radiofrequency and electromagnetism, these treatments harness the power of your body’s natural ability to regenerate and eliminate tissue we can help you find you best, most radiant you.

We are a Dorset based clinic based in Wareham. serving Wareham and surrounding areas including Poole, Bournemouth, Blandford, Bevington, Wool, Dorchester and Swanage.

Holistic Massage & Facials

My Swedish and Thai inspired Massages incorporate elements such as hot stones, warm bamboo, marble stones and herbal compresses, harmonising their use to personalise the highly indulgent Esse Experience full body massages and facials on offer.

We offer two outstanding organic ranges of skincare: Esse probiotic professional skincare range and Decaar – a groundbreaking product using oxygen boosting perflurodecalin. Our new Decaar Algae Peel has been yielding outstanding results with clients with inflammatory conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, mild scarring and rosacea.

Little shop of calm Aesthetic Treatments

Skin Tightening, Cellulite Treatment, Body Contouring, Muscle Toning & Fat Reduction

All our treatments are clincally proven and FDA approved. This means that they have been rigorously tested and approved for efficacy and results. As results are driven by biological processes, then lifestyle factors can and will affect your results. We always recommend adopting a sensible healthy lifestyle as part of any treatment programme that you invest in.

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aesthetic treatments HIFU

Collagen boosting treatments that last for around one year


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Targets the deeper layers of the skin without chemicals or surgery

aesthetic treatments Liposhape

Body & Face Sculpting Using 5 technologies

Liposhape Pro

Radiofrequenc, Ultrasound, Pulse, Vacuum and LED light

Gently stimulates collagen production for tighter and brighter effects.

fat freezing cryolipolysis machine

Safe & Effective Fat Freezing Treatments

Cryo Quattro

Uses Heating & Cooling Technology

Eliminates up to 40% of fat cells in the treated area over a 3 month period.

restore and recharge

Holistic Massage

Our favourite Skincare products

Esse Probiotic Skincare

I use Esse probiotic skincare in all holistic treatments – after trying many professional products over the years, these are simply the best I have ever used and are much loved by my clients. Containing live probiotics coupled with active plant botanicals, we select the best Esse scrubs, masks, peels and serums to enhance your treatment. Our Esse Experience Facials and Body Massages can be tailored to you preferences and the Esse range adapted to suit your needs.

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